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Digital Apps

Customer-Centric, Immersive Digital Experiences aligned with visitors needs.
When the customer is at your door, it’s time to engage.

With interactive content, you turn your website into an intriguing engagement machine. And this is what successful B2C and B2B marketers understand, what visitors want is immediate value from the moment they find themselves on your landing page.

So what makes interactive content different from ordinary, static content?

Interactive content helps your visitors understand what you can do for them, immediately
Interactive content gathers information from your visitors – helping you learn more about them and convert them into leads and sales.

Want to empower collaboration in Planning a Science Classroom on iPad or Android Tablet?

Collaborate with customer decision makers and approval teams to create a template classroom that can be replicated across an entire district.  Increase website SEO, traffic and sales leads with this tool.

Want to show your sales prospects how a space plan created in 2D would look in 3D?

The 4GIG responsive design space planning tool now includes a 3D view feature that wows prospects and helps close sales.

iPort Exam Lane Video Learning Center

Want to Offer Condition Specific Patient Education Videos in the Exam Room?

Select the video appropriate for your patient and your recommended therapy video will also be presented. You can even send an email to remind the patient of their treatment regime.

Renting an apartment? 

Let your prospective residents plan where to place their furniture. They want convenience? Print it out and hand it to the movers.


Selling a Condo or Single Family Home?

Let your prospects design the kitchen of their dreams! 
They can select the right combination of cabinets, countertop, flooring and more - in photorealistic 3D. And you can finalize the deal quicker with higher customer satisfaction.


Planning a New Classroom?

Create a few layouts, including storage equipment, to share with your planning committee.

The 4GIG development team can work with you to create a user experience that delivers rapid ROI.